The legend chicken is back <3
why was all my stuff removed from my inven??
The forums have been updated. However, we do have rules on the server aswell /rules . You cannot blame us if you have not checked everywhere. Why the rules just there is unknown, but it has been added to the rest.
Aosh i joined yesterday. i read the rules on the forums nothing says crap about racism. i was not being racist. Nigga refers to friend not just black people.
Racism is not tolerated, no matter your race, there is no exception. The warning you get is the rules.
You do not have access to shout
Hello Members of FTB-Ultimate! We have decided to make a plug.dj community for all of you to use, for those of you that don't know what plug.dj is.

*Join an existing community, or create your own community based around common interests and musical tastes. Put together the perfect playlist, make new friends, and then take turns playing music and videos with each other. Whoever DJs before you might inspire your next song, and you can discuss musical influences in our live chat. If you discover a new track that you like, you can ‘Woot!’ it to start dancing, or even grab it to add to your playlists. Pick an avatar that fits your personality, and you’re ready to make new friends and listen to music!

To join our plug.dj community, click here! > http://plug.dj/bgn/ <
dany819 -OP- Nice mcgamer2232 ...
mcgamer2232 This is really cool that you have a plug.dj now. I love plug dj as you can see with my 4.5k points. ...
jacmac462 a-Owner--Knight- I had a lot of fun using this the other day with these guys and plan to use it again

Map reset

jacmac462 a-Owner--Knight- posted Mar 24, 14
Hello everybody, I want to thank you all for being 
Patient during our map reset.

It took much longer then I anticipated but you guys stuck with us
For the patience and understanding you guys had I want to give you a
Coupon code for our donation store.

Coupon code for 15%:  mapreset

Thank you all again your the best players in the world and a big thanks to my staff for all the help
They gave me during the reset.
Sniper_2357 a[OP+] I have updated the banned item list reasons for almost all items on the list!
Blitza a-Owner- Banned Item list has been updated!
jacmac462 a-Owner--Knight- I be leave I made it sat till the 31st

Map Reset

jacmac462 a-Owner--Knight- posted Mar 18, 14
As i'm sure all of you have heard we are doing a map reset. After talking with many of the players on Thursday it seemed that the majority wanted a new map and was alright with a map reset and for the most pat urged me to do so. Of-course there are some unhappy players that is expected in a situation like this
so to make all party's happy we are going to "buff up" the starter kits and the new map will start with a resource world, mobgrinder, adminshop, voteshop, new donation packs and, vote shop perks.

We currently plan to have the reset on March 20th at 10:00PM est
With the reset we will be updating the banned item list and making a permanent tab for rules and guidelines.

A side note all donation packages that have been bought in the past and we can verify with our receipts will be refunded upon request of the player. we will have admins online to do this after the reset.

I just want to thank you all for being a part of our FTB experience we have had some good times together on this old map and hope to have so many more on the new one. To help remember out good time on the server i want you guys to send in some screen shots so i can add them to the gallery.

And please post any new server suggestions here.

djs2funny Tell us when it is no longer whitelisted pls
djs2funny when can we play?
Khalem1998 why is it saying white list for me?

Build Competition for February

jacmac462 a-Owner--Knight- posted Feb 3, 14
For February we are doing a Outer Space build theme.

Prizes are:

First place- $20 store credit
Second place- $15 store credit
Third place- $10 store credit

As always our Rules and Guidelines:(click me)
And our Submission form:(click me)

PS: I would like to see some BIGGER build's for this one guys. :D
Happy Building

Qballjnr -Lord--Warrior-[Voted] How about a space shuttle.?
vexsys i might actually do this build
clavicon -Warrior- Sweet thanks for doing space theme I'm excited ...

January Build Competition Results

jacmac462 a-Owner--Knight- posted Feb 3, 14
Results for January Build Competition

I would like to start by saying thank you for the people who participated in this build competition. 

The Winner's for January are:

kbtedsy123 STIAN CAME THIRD!! Ermahgud
WILLIN0T -Lord- Congrats guys and better luck next time to the others ...
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